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JPPF Vision

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0% Transactional jobs and tasks This is about adding the capability to run jobs and tasks as atomic transactions / sub-transactions. This would add ... Feature request JPPF-10
0% Build a JPPF knowledge base and FAQ There is a huge lore of information available in the JPPF forums, documentation, and elsewhere. We propose to sift t... Feature request JPPF-15
0% J2EE connector: allow user to change task code in demo app The idea is to provide more sphistications in the demo web application for the J2EE connector. We could make the cod... Feature request JPPF-27
0% Create a volunteer computing distribution This is about building and delivering a pre-packaged template volunteer computing project based on JPPF. This would ... Feature request JPPF-321
0% Create automated test for the JEE connector on Glassfish Just as we have done for JBoss and Geronimmo, we should have an automated test of the JEE connector on Glassfish, to ... Feature request JPPF-326
0% Ability to run JUnit/TestNG tests on a JPPF grid We propose to add the ability to run unit tests wirtten for JUnit or TestNG in parallel on a JPPF grid. This could... Feature request JPPF-405
0% Provide error reporting at the task bundle level From a JPPF user: it would be really useful to have task-batch level exceptions, for instance if a method of a [http:... Feature request JPPF-106
0% Remove the limitation to 2 GB message size in communicati... In the current communication protocol between servers, nodes and clients, a message is made of one or more serialized... Feature request JPPF-435
0% Write a performance tuning/optimization documentation sec... Based on [,7722.0.html this forum thread]. Write a section on general perfo... Feature request JPPF-351
0% Integration with the Map/Reduce model Ability to do map / reduce with JPPF Feature request JPPF-7
0% Intelligent recovery of executing tasks When the driver is bounced, client recovers by resubmitting incomplete tasks. This causes problems for long-running t... Feature request JPPF-372
0% Allow nodes to connect to multiple drivers Now that nodes can process multiple jobs concurrently, it seems the next logical step is to allow these jobs to come ... Feature request JPPF-625


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0% Link from old documentation to current Many times, a web search for how to do something in JPPF leads one to an older version of the documentation. For exa... Enhancement JPPF-394

JPPF 6.2

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0% Explore the possibilities for job streaming JPPF currently has a very basic [ Task JPPF-559

JPPF 6.3

Progress Title Description More info
0% Enable access control This feature request is to address a great miss in the current state of JPPF. Currently no access control is availabl... Feature request JPPF-19
0% Node statistics The title says it all. In the smae way we made statistics available for the servers, we propose to do the same for th... Feature request JPPF-491
0% New persisted jobs view in the web and desktop admin cons... The feature request JPPF-480 provides a pluggable way for the driver to persist jobs, to enable both job failover/rec... Feature request JPPF-507
0% Load balancing with neural nets/genetic algorithms From this [ forum thread] (repli... Feature request JPPF-39
0% Add job persistence capabilities to docker swarm and kube... The current version of the dockerized deployment does not include the ability to persist jobs in the driver. We propo... Enhancement JPPF-599
0% JPPF as a generic web service The idea is to implement a generic web service that would be a facade to a JPPF client. There would be a generic wsd... Feature request JPPF-16