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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-92  -  Regression: results returned by the driver should depend on the driver load-balancer
Posted Oct 27, 2012 - updated Dec 07, 2012
This issue is blocking the next release
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Issue description
I'm using the following setup:
  • 1 driver + 1 node (local or remote, doesn't matter)
  • driver load-balancing parameters: manual algorithm, size = 100
  • client load-balancing parameters: manual algorithm, size = 1000000 (1 million)
  • only one remote channel, no local executor
  • submitting one job with 4000 tasks
In this configuration, the job's result listener resultsReceived() should be called 40 times with 100 tasks, but it is called 1 time with 4000 tasks.
Steps to reproduce this issue
Follow instructions in the description

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Oct 28, 19:22
This is new feature of new load balancer implemented in driver. Received bundles are isolated from bundles sent to node. So far receiving bundles and returning results is not optimized. Results are returned only once when whole bundle is completed. This is not optimal from performance and memory consumption view. Will be fixed to return partial results.
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Dec 07, 07:59
Fixed in SVN trunk revision 2555

I also implemented the foundation for customizable strategies for returning results back to the client.

For now, I have simply added a "resultsStrategy" attribute to the job's server-side SLA. With 2 predefined values:
  • SendResultsStrategy.NODE_RESULTS returns results as they come from the node (the default behavior, as in previous versions)
  • SendResultsStrategy.ALL_RESULTS returns results only when all have been received from the nodes
This means that the strategy is defined on a per job basis, and defaults to the "standard" behavior if left unspecified.

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