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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-89  -  ConnectException during performTransition
Posted Oct 26, 2012 - updated Nov 24, 2012
This issue is blocking the next release
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Issue description
During job execution ConnectException is thrown. readOps and keyOps are in unexpected state. Fail is on following check:
if (channel.isReadable() && !channel.isLocal()) throw new ConnectException("node " + channel + " has been disconnected");
It looks like concurrency issue on channels.
Steps to reproduce this issue
run application that compute values on client. 1xClient, 1xDriver+Local node, 1xNode. Local Node + Node are both required to reproduce issue.

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Oct 26, 13:48
A file was uploaded. driver-output.txticon_open_new.png
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Oct 26, 14:35
Applied temporary workaround in trunk revision 2510. Executor for state transition is disabled - called directly. Execution fails event with fixed thread pool executors with size=1. After this workaround issue is no longer reproducible.
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Nov 17, 18:32
A file was uploaded. sample code, logs, config and threads dumps of reproduced hangicon_open_new.png
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Nov 17, 18:43
I am now able to reproduce a hung with the following configuration:
  • 1 client with jppf.connection.pool = 5
  • one driver with local node (8 threads)
  • submitting 10 non-blocking jobs with 400 tasks each, each task invokes compute() to execute JPPFCallable on the client

I have attached a file the following information and files:
  • client and driver thread dumps
  • client and driver logs
  • client and driver configuration files
  • source code (runner + task + callable)
  • ouptut generated by the driver debug mbean: dump of the active channels + dump of jobs in the server queue

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Nov 24, 18:15
Fixed in trunk revision 2550

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