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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-88  -  Nodes and drivers running as services cannot be restarted via JMX
Posted Oct 26, 2012 - updated Oct 26, 2012
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Issue description
When running a node or driver as servie/daemon, using the Java Service Wrapper, attempts to restart them will fail: the node or driver will simply stop, but not be restarted.

This is de to the fact that, as a standalone application, a node or driver is actually launched as a subprocess, where the main process watches for a Java exit code = 2, in which case it rerstarts the subprocess.

To have an equivalent behavior with the Java service wrapper, one has to add the following properties to the Java service wrapper configuration file (wrapper-node.conf or wrapper-driver.conf):
Steps to reproduce this issue
start a node or driver as a service or daemon and try to restart it via the admin console: the node stops but does not restart

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Oct 26, 07:53
Fixes committed to SVN:

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