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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-85  -  P2P connection failure: IllegalArgumentException: bundle is null
Posted Oct 21, 2012 - updated Oct 22, 2012
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Issue description
When attempting to have 2 drivers connect to each other, I can see the following stack in each driver's log:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bundle is null
  at org.jppf.server.peer.PeerNodeResultSender.sendResults(
  at org.jppf.server.peer.PeerNode.perform(
Steps to reproduce this issue
Start 2 drivers with jppf.peer.discovery.enabled = true ==> you will see the errors

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Oct 21, 08:00
A file was uploaded. Related drivers logsicon_open_new.png
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Oct 21, 08:54
in PeerNodeResultSender.sendResults() there was the following faulty code:
if (bundle == null) throw new IllegalArgumentException("bundle is null");
which should be in fact:
if (bundleWrapper == null) throw new IllegalArgumentException("bundleWrapper is null");
However, there remains another problem: I can see that a connection is established for each IP address of the remote peer, whereas only one connection should be made.

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Oct 21, 09:43
In PeerNOdeResultSender.taskCompleted() I get an IllegalMonitorStateException, So I put the notifyAll() in a synchronized(this) block, but I still have an IllegalMonitorStateException, I think it's because there are mutliple connections open for the remote peer and it's not synchronizing on the right object.

I added missing code in peer discovery, to ensure an IPFilter is used as well, so I can see what happens when a single connection is established with the peer. When running the matrix multiplication sample with 1000 iterations, I get an OOME in one of the drivers. I will capture a heap dump and see what is causing this.
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Oct 21, 10:22
A file was uploaded. Leak suspects report from Eclipse MATicon_open_new.png
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Oct 22, 07:38
The memory leak issue is now reported separatelly in Bug report JPPF-87 - Memory leak in the driver: ServerJob instances fill the heap.

In this bug there remains the issue of the drivers accepting multiple connections from the same peer, 1 connection per IP address of the peer.
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Oct 22, 08:44
Fixed. Changes committed to SVN trunk revision 2495.

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