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CLOSED  Enhancement JPPF-79  -  Stability, stress and load testing for v3.2
Posted Oct 16, 2012 - updated Nov 26, 2012
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Issue description
We need to test the 3.2 release to ensure that:
  • it is stable over time
  • there are no memory leaks
  • it is fault tolerant
  • it supports dynamically changing topologies seamlessly (drivers and nodes added and disappearing from the grid at any time)
A lot of these tests can be automated, eventually reusing some of the test framework to locally start/stop nodes and drivers, using JMX connections to query the state of each JVM (especially heap usage).

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Oct 24, 07:05
Did some profiling and found a few hotspots in node and client: trunk revision 2502
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Nov 26, 05:20
We now have a framework for easily implementing stress and load tests, and to easily configure complex topologies from simple properties files. This code is checked in SVN as the "stress-tests" module. The root contains a readme.txt which I hope is good enough to get started.

Additionally I also fixed an issue in the JPPFPriorityQueue on the server side, which was causing restrictions on the load-balancer(s). This was due to an incorrect computation of the maximum job size in the queue. With the "proportional" algorithm, I could see a performance improvement of around 5% with the usual matrix multiplication sample.

All we have to do now is to implement new stress-tests scenario using the framework, and improve the framework when needed.

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