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CLOSED  Enhancement JPPF-66  -  Additional notifications needed for JobListener
Posted Sep 16, 2012 - updated Oct 07, 2012
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Issue description
Currently, the JobListener interface provides 2 notifications:
public interface JobListener extends EventListener {
  void jobStarted(JobEvent event);
  void jobEnded(JobEvent event);
With the load-balancer on the client-side, jobs may not be submitted all at once to the server, but rather they can be split into multiple tasks subsets, where each subset may be sent via a different connection, either a server connection or a local execution connection.

In this context, this means that many jobStarted() and jobEnded() notifications can be emitted for any single job, which makes more difficult to distinguish when a job actually starts and actually ends for good.

We propose to add 2 additional notifications:
  • void jobDispatched(JobEvent event) : sent when a task subset is dispatched to the server or local executor
  • void jobReturned(JobEvent event) : sent when a task subset has been executed and has returned from the server / local executor
The JobEvent should carry at least some basic information, such as how many tasks in the subset, the original count of tasks in the job, the connection name or identfier, job sla, metadata, etc...

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Oct 07, 09:37
This issue is now implemented. Documentation was updated. JUnit tests added.

Changes committed to SVN trunk revision 2453

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