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CLOSED  Enhancement JPPF-63  -  Add a separate job SLA for processing on the client side
Posted Sep 07, 2012 - updated Oct 12, 2012
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Issue description
As described in Bug report JPPF-61 - Job expiration causes wrong tasks to be returned for the next jobs, a timeout set on a job may cause it to expire in the client instead of in the server. To avoid this, and provide greater flexibility, we propose to have a separate job expiration schedule to be used on the client side.

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Sep 09, 07:35
In fact I'm generalizing this enhancement to a full job SLA dedicated to the client-side processing.

Indeed it makes no sense to use the same execution policy, start time or expiration for the client and the server. Adding a separate client-side SLA will allow many more possibilities, while keeping the same semantics as for the server SLA.
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Sep 23, 18:05
First implementation committed as trunk revision 2418.

Still to do:
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Sep 29, 07:54
Performed a refactoring of the sla APIs, as client-side and server-side SLAs have a different (with a common part) semantic and need to be differentiated. Committed as trunk revision 2433
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Oct 12, 07:05
This is a reminder to also add the client SLA for the configuration of JPPF jobs submitted via the JPPFExecutorService
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Oct 12, 15:06
This enhancement is now implemented. JUnit tests added. Documentation updated.

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