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OPEN  Feature request JPPF-625  -  Allow nodes to connect to multiple drivers
Posted Mar 06, 2020 - updated Mar 06, 2020
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Issue description
Now that nodes can process multiple jobs concurrently, it seems the next logical step is to allow these jobs to come from any number of JPPF drivers. In particular, this will address the problem of the driver being a single point of failure more efficiently.

This will impact manay areas of the code, including:
  • processing within the node (of course)
  • handling of connection/disconnection events in the node (node connection strategy, when should a node reconnect)
  • should we allow the driver connections to be prioritized, as in the client, and permit a failover hierarchy of drivers?
  • grid topology monitoring: the topology will no longer be a tree. In particular, the nodes will have multiple drivers as parents, which is a significanty change in the monitoring object model
  • how iwll it affect load-balancing?