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OPEN  Feature request JPPF-607  -  Reorganize the documentation on management and monitoring
Posted Oct 19, 2019 - updated Oct 27, 2019
lolo4j (lolocohen) has been working on this issue since October 27, 2019 (00:26)
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    icon_milestones.png JPPF 6.2
Issue description
Currently the management and monitoring documentation is not up to date:
  • not all MBeans are documented
  • some of the documented MBeans have erroneous, missing or out-of-date information
  • docuemntation on accessing the MBeans is not well structured and confusing
Additionally, there is no meanningful description of the mbeans and their operations and attributes that can be accessed at runtime.

We propose to:
  • reorganize the documentation on management accordingly
  • provide a way to inject descriptive information in the MBeans, which can be retrieved when the MBeans are "live" via the MBeanInfo API, for instance using external tools such as JConsole or VisualVM. It could also be used to automatically generate a reference documentation on the MBeans.