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OPEN  Enhancement JPPF-578  -  Allow jppf-admin-web jar dependency as alternative to war to make embedding possible
Posted Feb 10, 2019 - updated Feb 11, 2019
lolo4j (lolocohen) has been working on this issue since February 11, 2019 (10:02)
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Issue description
I would like to embed jppf-admin-web into my own embedded webserver as an executable jar. I need jppf-admin-web as a jar dependency instead of war to make this work. I would define my own web.xml for this and ignore the one inside

See description here:

You would need to add:
So that I could use:
Also it would be nice if you could define the jppf.css and and images/ as maven resources behind a package name and add those resources into the classes folder. You could then mount those resources in your wicket application under your current paths using PackageResourceReferences to serve them from the classpath. This makes embedding easier and I don't have to copy these resources myself then.

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Feb 11, 10:02
Since we're using Ant, not Maven, as our build framework, I cannot promise that everything you ask will be implemented. What I'm sure of:
  • we can produce and publish to Sonatype/Maven central a ppf-admin-web-<version>.jar
  • I'll see how to mount the css and images from the classpath, instead of our current setup (haven't used Wicket for some time, and I tend to forget)
Would this work?