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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-497  -  6.0 JMXDriverConnectionWrapper.restartShutdown(5000L, 0L) restarts the Driver
Posted Apr 04, 2017 - updated Apr 07, 2017
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Issue description
In my test with the Nighly Build from 04.04.2017 the restartShutdown of the Driver restarts the Driver instead of shutting it down forever.

The Admin UI Shutdown works.

Exit Code is 2 wich means the org.jppf.server.ShutdownRestartTask what is triggert, musst be set false from the MBean.

I did not test other Releases.

Thanks in advance

Stefan Wendelmann
Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. Start Driver JPPF 6.0 from bat
  2. Connect to the Driver via Oracle Java Mission Control or API JMXDriverConnectionWrapper wrapper = new JMXDriverConnectionWrapper("localhost", 11198);
  3. execute org.jppf.driver.admin.restartShutdown(5000,0) or wrapper.restartShutdown(5000L, 0L);

Driver will restart instead of shutdown forever.

Comment posted by
Apr 04, 17:55
In this case, both Javadoc and the code agree: for the restart to occur, it must be >= 0. The implication is that, to prevent the restart, the restart delay must be stricly negative. Maybe we should clarify this in the Javadoc?