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CLOSED  Enhancement JPPF-45  -  Class loader enhancements
Posted Aug 19, 2012 - updated Sep 27, 2012
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Issue description
This is about improving the performmnce of the class loader, especially in the nodes. Current ideas are:
  • limitation of class loader requests to a single thread needs to be addressed
  • possiblity of batching requests, accumulating requests until a periodic task sends them to the server
  • batching should also allow to find and remove duplicate requests (e.g. if 2 threads request loading of the same class), and decrease network traffic
  • caching of classes not found, so after the 1st request ClassNotFoundException can be thrown without looking up any further

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Aug 29, 06:49
Caching of resources not previously found may cause a problem when dynamically adding elements to the class loader's classpath. In some cases, it is possible that the new classpath elements contain resources that were previously not found. In this scenario, we must provide a way to (partially) clear the cache. For now, I propose that we add an API to the AbstractJPPFClassLoader to do so, as it is the user's responsibility to update the classpath and then determine when the cache should be cleared.
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Sep 02, 09:21
Implemented a first working version of the batching of class loader requests. Some things may be broken and more testing is definitely required.

Also, so far the class loading performance is still slightly slower than in 3.1.x. Some tuning will have to be done.

Changes committed to SVN revision 2356
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Sep 02, 10:16
Implemented a first version of the caching of class loader misses, to avoid looking up again resources that are known to not be found. Currently, the code is using an in-memory soft references cache, and the performance improvement is quite impressive.

Also added an API AbstractJPPFClassLoader.clearNotFoundCache() to enable clearing the cache when libraries (jars or folders) are dynamically added to the class loader's classpath.

Changes committed to SVN revision 2357