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CLOSED  Feature request JPPF-429  -  Use existing node connections for heartbeat-based connection checks
Posted Dec 31, 2015 - updated Mar 21, 2019
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "WON'T FIX".
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Issue description
Currently the check for hard failures of node to server connections is done by setting up an additional connection on a separate port, along with the use of a hearbeat mechanism to send short messages and receive an acknowlegement within a limited time frame. The configuration of this mechanism is too complicated, as it requires configuration properties on bith server and node sides. Furthermore, there shouldn't be a need for an additional connection, which impacts the grid performance and scalability.

We propose to implement a mechanism that uses the existing job channel connection to perform the same checks. The mechanism should be suspended while job data is being transfered between the node and ddriver, and resume when the node is either idle or executing the tasks.

There shouldn't be any configuration on the node side, except for enabling/disabling the heartbeat service, and the driver should send any related configuration properties during the handshake.

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Mar 21, 18:59
The heartbeat mechanism was re-implemented in JPPF 6.0, in such a way that it no longer requires a separate driver port. It was also extended such that it works between driver and nodes, driver and clients, and driver and other drivers.

Consequently, this feature request is no longer relevant and will be closed accordingly.