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CLOSED  Feature request JPPF-426  -  Global execution policies that apply to all nodes / server channels at once
Posted Dec 25, 2015 - updated Mar 18, 2016
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Issue description
This is about the ability for the jobs to provide execution policies that will be applied to the entire grid, instead of just one node at a time as is currently done.

For instance: execute job B only if there are at least 4 available nodes and job A has completed. This cannot be achieved (at least not without much pain) with the current job SLA mechanism.

The global policy would be evaluated on the entire grid before the job's indivdual node policy, so further filtering can be performed. For instance, if the job's execution policy is set to "execute only on nodes with at least 4 processing threads", then in combination with the global policy above, it would be equivalent to: "execute job B only if there are at least 4 available nodes with 4 threads each and job A has completed". Nice huh?

The "job A has completed" part may require storing the history of jobs completion status (and maybe more ...), since the 2 jobs may not coexist at the same time. Job B may be submitted before job A, so there's got to be some kind of historical record to determine whether job A was even submitted.

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Mar 18, 05:32
Implemented in trunk revision 4000