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CLOSED  Feature request JPPF-407  -  Admin-UI: Filter for nodes
Posted Jul 27, 2015 - updated Nov 21, 2015
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Issue description
With a lot of nodes, it is not so easy to keep the overview. We have three drivers with 68 nodes each... and we start one slavenode per node for processing.

A nice feature would be kind of filter for filtering the nodes and/or driver to show up in the list.

I know the two buttons "Select drivers" and "Select nodes", but I need something like "All slave nodes" or a even more complicated expression like "All slaves nodes with <properyname> = <value>". And it would be great if the other nodes are hidden, not just not selected.

Thanks for the great JPPF in general!

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Jul 27, 11:05
This is a very good idea! I've been thinking about it for some time, and I think one possiblity would be to add in the UI a dialog to write and/or import (and export for later reuse) an execution policy in XML format to filter the nodes. There is already an API to parse execution policies from XML, so what would remain to do is to apply it in the UI. Would this be a usable solution for you?
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Jul 27, 11:31
Execution polocy XML files would be great.
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Nov 17, 23:33
Here is the plan: my intent is to (give the ability to) apply nodes and drivers filters on the topology manager, such that it will only emit events for the nodes/drivers that match the filters. Since the admin console relies exclusively on the topology manager to build the topology views, the filters will apply to the views as well.

So what we need to do:
  • add the required APIs to set/get driver nd node filters; we'll use the existing NodeSelector and the new DriverSelector APIs
  • change the event dispatchers to use these filters
  • add a GUI to load/save/edit an execution policy in the admin console to use it as a filter, maybe even as a pluggable view (hey let's eat our own dog food). I'm planning on using RSyntaxTextArea for the editor component
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Nov 21, 09:26
A file was uploaded.
Admin console node filtering
Admin console node filteringicon_open_new.png
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Nov 21, 09:29
Implemented in trunk revision 3903