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OPEN  Enhancement JPPF-394  -  Link from old documentation to current
Posted May 08, 2015 - updated May 11, 2015
lolo4j (lolocohen) has been working on this issue since May 11, 2015 (08:11)
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Issue description
Many times, a web search for how to do something in JPPF leads one to an older version of the documentation. For example, a Google search for "JPPF how to reboot a node" leads to this page from version 3.

There's no obvious way to quickly move from the returned page to the current version of the documentation. The fastest option is manually editing the URL to change a 3 to a 5.

If there's an easy, automated way to provide a "Current version of this documentation" link on every page, that would be a great addition to the docs.

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May 11, 08:11
Ah! This is one mother of a problem that seriously increases my aspirin consumption smileys/2.png

From my many attempts at finding a solution, I also absoerved that what you propose has its own problems. In particular, the fact that the documentation may signinficantly change between major versions will cause broken links, That's what the current way we're publishing the documntation is attempting to avoid.

To give some backround, the online documentation is a MediaWiki instance customized to fly under the JPPF colors. What I'm thinking of is to automatically add some text to all pages, which would not be rendered and that wxould contain the version number, like:
<div style="visibility: hidden">JPPF 5.0, JPPF v5.0, JPPF version 5.0, etc ...</div>
With this, a Google search including the version may yield more accurate results (currently it doesn't, event though the version is part of the url).

Or, we could use a copy (or redirection) of the /doc/v5 content but with the path /doc/current instead, something like that, and still apply the enhancement above.