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CLOSED  Feature request JPPF-353  -  Notifications of tasks completion status in the server
Posted Dec 08, 2014 - updated Feb 04, 2015
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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    icon_milestones.png JPPF 5.0
Issue description
We propose to add a feature that would enable the server to send notifications of tasks completion status as follows:
  • the only things the server knows about the tasks are their position in the job and their resubmission information (how many times the task was resubmitted and max allowed resubmits).
  • we could include the task's position in the TaskInformation object sent by Task.fireNotification(), as it is the only way to correlate notifications sent by the tasks executing in the node, with the tasks (such as) known to the server
  • then we'd need a new MBean in the server that would send notifications whenever a node returns a task bundle or crashes (in which case the unexecuted task bundle kept by the server is used). The notifications could be sent locally as a simple listener/dispatcher pattern or as JMX notifications or both.
  • in each of these notifications, we'd provide the uuid of the job holding the task, the task position in this job, the completion status (e.g. completed, failed, resubmitting) and the resubmit information if any.
As can be expected, this will be pretty complicated to implement, and this will push the 5.0 release date by a couple weeks.

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Feb 04, 23:14
implemented in trunk revision 3552