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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-319  -  Master node is reporting an incorrect number of slaves
Posted Sep 02, 2014 - updated Aug 15, 2018
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Issue description
In some situations, a master node may report an inaccurate number of slaves nodes. I've seen this happen when provisioning N nodes, shutting down one of the slaves via JMX, then provisioning N slaves again. In this scenario, we end up with the master reporting N-1 nodes, whereas N are actually running.
Steps to reproduce this issue
  • start a driver and a node
  • start the admin console and provision 3 slave nodes for the running master ==> all 3 nodes start and the master reports 3 slaves
  • in the console, select one of the slaves and shut it down ==> the master now correctly reports 2 slaves
  • still in the console, request again the provisioning of 3 slaves ==> an additional slave is started, but the master still reports 2 slaves instead of 3

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Sep 02, 20:23
The problem is in how the names of the slaves working directories are managed. Here the issue occurs because we start a new slaves with a working directory that is already in use, thus the map of directory names to slave process contains only 2 entries instead of 3 because one of the entries is overwritten.

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Sep 02, 21:20
Fixed in: