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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-276  -  The management port of a server-local node cannot be configured separately
Posted May 25, 2014 - updated Mar 28, 2016
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Issue description
The server and node configurations use the same property "" to define the port of their respective JMX remote connector. In the case of the server, this property is used for plain (unsecure) connections, as there is a separate "" for SSL connections. In any case, there is an overlap and it is not possible to define the node's management port separately.

Note that in this scenario, JPPF will automatically assign the first available port after the one specified (or after the default 11198), as the JMX connector server startup code checks for already bound ports.

What we propose is to use a newx property for the node, e.g. "", deprecate "" for the nodes, and still look for it when the new property is not defined, for backward compatibility.
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This is missing code, no reproduction step needed

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