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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-273  -  Documentation for CustomPolicy needs update for v4
Posted May 23, 2014 - updated Mar 28, 2016
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     Daniel Widdis
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    icon_milestones.png JPPF 4.1.x
Issue description
The documentation page for Creating Custom Policies includes an example which references the version 3 API.

The argument to accepts() is shown as type JPPFSystemInformation, but in v4 the argument should be of type PropertiesCollection.

While updating the page, I'd also suggest elaborating on the statement "must be deployed in the JPPF server classpath" to indicate that it should either be in a .jar or in a directory structure matching its package definition.

Steps to reproduce this issue
1. Enter code example exactly as it is on the website 2. Observer that it doesn't compile because the JPPFSystemInformation class does not exist in the v4 API.

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May 24, 09:13
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