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CLOSED  Task JPPF-269  -  Add fork of JMXMP connector code to source code repository
Posted May 17, 2014 - updated Jun 16, 2014
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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Issue description
We have already made signifcant changes to the JMXMP code that we forked from project OpenDMK:
  • generified the code and more generally adapted it to Java 7 language features (the code was initially supposed to work with Java 1.3)
  • replaced the custom thread pool implementation with an ExcecutorService
  • the whole code now uses a single thread pool implemented as a singleton. This results in significantly less threads created overall and thus greater scalability when a JPPF driver has to handle hundreds of nodes and hundreds of client connections
  • updated the code to JPPF code standards and metrics, including an additional JPPF header in each file for the Apache 2 license, without removing the initial license terms. There are still 3 files that are over 600 lines, which will cause Checkstyle warnings, but we can live with that for now.
  • we have a build script independent from the rest of the JPPF distribution, including publication of Maven artifacts to Sonatype nexus repository
What remains to do:
  • since the original license terms allow us to choose between CDDL and GPL, we need to add one or more explicit statements to say that we choose the CDDL, which allows us to re-license under the Apache 2.0 license terms.
  • add the code to our SVN repository as a new "jmxremote" module.
  • switch the code to Slf4j logging, see Enhancement JPPF-268 - JMXMP connector: replace j.u.l logging with slf4j logging
  • from there, life as usual ...

Comment posted by
May 22, 22:30
Finally managed to make the code pass the CheckStyle constraints. Most of the javadoc comments (for the non-public APIs) remain empty, but at least the JPPF code metrics are respected (600 lines max per file / 80 per method)