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CLOSED  Bug report JPPF-220  - should mention
Posted Feb 14, 2014 - updated Mar 28, 2016
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Issue description
Although this a documentation issue, since I spent some time confused by this it would be helpful to others if you could amend the default shipped with the admin-ui.

In cases where the user uses auto discovery all is well. However, for my network, I need to explicitly state hostnames and ports for all the nodes and the server in my grid. (By the way, one document drawing all this together would be VERY helpful).

Steps to reproduce this issue
I have set the driver/server: = localhost jppf.server.port = 8880 = localhost = 8881 jppf.discovery.enabled = false

Node 1 = localhost jppf.server.port = 8880 = localhost = 8882

Admin jppf.drivers = driver1 = localhost driver1.jppf.server.port = 8880 = localhost

The symptom was that the Server & Node were up, but the admin Gui only showed the server. Further there was no information available about the server (because, I surmise JMX was not working to the server).

The other telltale was the title of the driver node was "localhost:11198", as I had specifically not used that port, I could not see where it was coming from.

The addition of this to the fixed the grid: = 8881

I was surprised that this is port is necessary - I would have thought this detail would be announced via the main server port, but clearly not.

Anyway, if you were to add this to the template for driver1 (I know there is one for driver2) then I believe this will help others to think about this setting when they are not using defaults.

Whilst we are on the subject, I am not clear what: driver2.class.server.port = 11121 = 11122 are these ports no longer in use in version 4?

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Feb 14, 08:51
Indeed, mentions "", which is no longer used (as the host is provided by "") instead of "".

I also created the Feature request JPPF-221 - Ability to provide the driver management port to the client during handshake
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Feb 14, 09:18
Whilst we are on the subject, I am not clear what: driver2.class.server.port = 11121 = 11122 are these ports no longer in use in version 4?
Good catch. These are very old properties (pre v3.0) which are no longer in use. Clearly, they shoudn't be part of the current configuration files anymore.
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Feb 14, 09:29