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CLOSED  Feature request JPPF-193  -  Timeout of bundles dispatched to the nodes
Posted Oct 04, 2013 - updated Oct 11, 2013
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Issue description
This is about the ability to expire task sets dispatched to the nodes, based on a schedule specified in the job SLA. This would be an intermediate between the whole job expiration and the timeout of individual tasks that already exist. The schedule would be specified as an additional SLA attribute "dispatchExpirationSchedule".

The developers should be able to determine the action to take upon timeout: either resubmit the tasks or cancel them. This could be specified via an SLA attribute "maxDispatchResubmits": the server would keep track of the number of times a task expired, and when it reaches the maxResubmit threshold the task is cancelled, otherwise it is resubmitted. This should allow us to avoid having tasks rebmitted in an infinite loop.

The whole processing of dispatch tiemout only requires changes in the server and job SLA.

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Oct 11, 06:37
This feature is now implemented. Doc has been updated and new unit tests added. Changes committed to SVN trunk revision 2901

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