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CLOSED  Enhancement JPPF-190  -  Improve handling of deserialization errors in the nodes
Posted Sep 30, 2013 - updated Oct 03, 2013
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Issue description
Currently, when an error occurs while deserializng a task from a dispatched bundle, all tasks are marked with the first error encoutered and returned unexecuted to the server. Unfortunately, after looking in the code, this error is not sent back to the client, so these tasks are just returned unexecuted, with no additional information.

We propose the following enhancements:
  • the tasks that can be deserialized should be executed by the node
  • for the the tasks that can be deserialized, substitute an object holding the throwable that was raised, for instance a JPPFExceptionResult or something equivalent. When these 'fake' task results are received on the client, the client should retrieve the original task and set this throwable upon it, then use it as result.
  • the same enahancement should also apply to tasks whose serialization fail after their execution

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Oct 03, 07:24
Implemented. Changes committed to SVN trunk revision 2898

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