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CLOSED  Feature request JPPF-184  -  Optimize deserialization errors handling in the node
Posted Aug 29, 2013 - updated Oct 03, 2013
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Issue description
Currently when a node is receiving a task bundle from the server, and when there is any task in the bundle that cannot be deserialized, then none of the tasks will be executed, even if some of them could be deserialized without error. In this case, the node will send back a job header with no task and the first Throwable that was raised during deserialization. The server will then send this exception back to the client, along with the non-executed tasks.

We propose to introduce a smarter handling of this use case, such as executing the tasks that could be deserialized. The tasks whose deserialization failed would then be replaced with instances of JPPFExceptionResult describing as much of the error as possible. This would have at least the stack trace of the throwable. The class of the task may not even be available.

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Oct 03, 07:26
This issue is resolved by Enhancement JPPF-190 - Improve handling of deserialization errors in the nodes

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