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CLOSED  Enhancement JPPF-149  -  Enable on-demand cleanup of class loader resource cache
Posted May 21, 2013 - updated Dec 27, 2014
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Issue description
Sometimes, the resource cache of a client class loader can hold a large number of files, which can cause it to fill the temp files folder. This may happen even if the class loader cache size is set to 1. For instance, in a situation where a single client submits a lot of jobs whose tasks invoke ClassLoader.getResourceXXX() methods.

We propose to implement the ability to request resource cache cleanups on demand, via direct API calls or management requests. A cleanup request may not result in an immediate cleanup, but rather in a differed cleanup at a time when this will not interfere with the execution of a job. The best time to do so would be when the job header is loaded into the node, or just before the tasks are loaded.

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May 24, 00:07
This is now implemented. Changes committed to SVN:

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