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CLOSED  Feature request JPPF-133  -  Publish JPPF artifacts to maven central
Posted Mar 14, 2013 - updated Dec 27, 2014
icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Closed" and resolution "RESOLVED".
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    icon_milestones.png JPPF 3.3
Issue description
I guess the title says it all smileys/2.png

My understanding of the process involved:
  • sign up with Sonatype (because SourceForge sn't synced with maven central)
  • modify our build scripts to generate the required artifacts: pom, binary, source and javadoc jars and their PGP signatures
  • publish to Sonatype in stages, sync with maven central is automatic once artifacts have been released

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Mar 30, 19:36
I finally managed to deploy a v3.3 snapshot:
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Mar 31, 12:19
This is now implemented - added build scripts to generate the maven artifacts and upload them properly to the sonatype repositories. Changes committed to SVN trunk revision 2673. The first actual release to be in Maven Central will be 3.3

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