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CLOSED  Feature request JPPF-12  -  Using GPU performance
Posted Aug 08, 2012 - updated Dec 27, 2014
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* Created by user unaimatakenny *

Processing power of GPUs for parallel processing of tasks by the nodes. The problems that we can have is, that each of the companies that manufacture graphics cards has its own API. NVIDEA has its own support for Java, called JCUDA, may be a possible starting point. I not that very familiar with this. But the idea is that tasks are distributed by each of the cores of GPUs. I must admit that this is not a simple task, but once seen JPPF scalability and the ease of use, it would be nice to see in the future this feature implemented.

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Aug 13, 06:59
I just came across an article on Slashdot about project rootbeer1.

From the README on their home page:

The Rootbeer GPU Compiler makes it easy to use Graphics Processing Units from within Java.
Rootbeer is more advanced than CUDA or OpenCL Java Language Bindings. With bindings the developer must serialize complex graphs of objects into arrays of primitive types. With Rootbeer this is done automatically.
Also with language bindings, the developer must write the GPU kernel in CUDA or OpenCL. With Rootbeer a static analysis of the Java Bytecode is done (using Soot) and CUDA code is automatically generated.
This is something we should definitely look into for harnessing GPU capabilities from JPPF.

Additionally the project is now licensed under the MIT license terms, which is defintily compatible with Apache 2.0 (it used to be under the GPL)
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Mar 13, 10:14
A few links from this forum post:

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Mar 17, 12:03
This is now implemented as a new sample in the samples pack. CHnages committed to SVN reviison 2657

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