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CLOSED  Feature request JPPF-119  -  Add JVM state monitoring and diagnostics for JPPF components
Posted Jan 24, 2013 - updated Dec 27, 2014
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Issue description
The ThreadMXBean API provides a way to detect deadlocks in the JVM. We could add a timer to the nodes, drivers or clients that would perform regular checks and send out an alert when a deadlock is found. In fact, we could include more detailed diagnostics (state of the heap and non-heap memory, CPU usage when available, etc...). In fact, we could add new JMX MBeans to the nodes and drivers for this purpose, and add the corresponding functionality in the administration and monitoring console.

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Feb 23, 21:52
Here's a screenshot of how it looks for now:
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Mar 22, 20:03
Initial code commit for this feature: trunk revision 2658.

Implemented a new set of MBeans for JVM monitoring of the drivers and nodes, including the following:
  • taking snapshots of the JVM's memory (heap and non-heap) usage, live threads count and deadlock indicator, CPU load
  • trigger a gabarge collection in the reomte JVM
  • get a full thread dump, including detection and descriptions of deadlocks if any
  • trigger heap dumps (only works with IBM JVM and Oracle "standard" and JRockit JVMs)

The documentation remains to be written for this.
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Mar 22, 20:05
A file was uploaded.
screenshot of deadlock monitoring in the admin console
screenshot of deadlock monitoring in the admin consoleicon_open_new.png
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Mar 25, 09:35
The documentation has been updated for this feature.

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