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CLOSED  Feature request JPPF-109  -  Pluggable error handler for NodeLifeCycleListener
Posted Dec 25, 2012 - updated Dec 27, 2014
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Issue description
The idea is to provide the ability for developers to implement their own error handling mechanism for uncaught throwables raised during the execution of the methods of NodeLifeCycleListener implementations.

I propose to add a new interface NodeLifeCycleErrorHandler whcih can be optionally implemented by a NodeLifeCycleListener:
public interface NodeLifeCycleErrorHandler {
  void handleError(NodeLifeCycleLEvent event, Throwable t);
I also propose to add an Enum of the possible event types, along with a new corresponding attribute for NodeLifeCycleLEvent, so the error handler will know which notification was invoked when the error was raised:
public class NodeLifeCycleEvent extends EventObject {
  // ...
  public NodeLifeCycleLEventType getEventType() {
When NodeLifeCycleErrorHandler is not implemented, the behavior will default to:
  • Uncchecked exception will be caught and logged
  • Errors will be propagated up the call stack

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Dec 29, 09:11
Implemented in trunk revision 2586

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