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Dense Matrix Multiplication demo

What does the sample do?

This sample performs the multplication of 2 square dense matrices by dividing the operation into as many JPPF tasks as there are rows in each matrix. Each task multiplies a row of the first matrix by the second matrix.

How do I run it?

Before running this sample application, you must have a JPPF server and at least one node running.
For information on how to set up a node and server, please refer to the JPPF documentation.
Once you have a server and node, from a command prompt, type: "ant run"

How do I use it?

This sample doesn't have a graphical user interface, however you can modify some of the parameters in the JPPF configuration file:

  1. open the file "config/" in a text editor
  2. at the end of the file, you will see the following properties:
    # the size of the matrices to multiply
    matrix.size = 300
    # number of times the matrix multiplication is performed
    matrix.iterations = 100
  3. "matrix.size" allows you to experiment with different sizes of the matrices
  4. "matrix.iterations" is the number of times the matrix multiplication will be performed. As the sample simply prints the time per iteration, this will allow you to have a feel as to how the load-balancing algortihm converges toward a near-optimal performance

It is interesting to experiment with a different number of nodes and load-balancing algorithm, and test their efficiency in your environment.

How can I build the sample?

To compile the source code, from a command prompt, type: "ant compile"
To generate the Javadoc, from a command prompt, type: "ant javadoc"

I have additional questions and comments, where can I go?

If you need more insight into the code of this demo, you can consult the source, or have a look at the API documentation.

In addition, There are 2 privileged places you can go to:

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