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Kryo Serialization sample

What does the sample do?

This sample provides an implementation of a custom serialization scheme which uses the Kryo library for serializing and deserializing Java objects.

How do I use it?

  1. First you will need to build the serialization scheme extension: from a shell or comand prompt in KryoSerializer/ type: ./ (on Linux), build.bat (on Windows) or ant build
  2. This will create the file KryoSerializer.jar
  3. For each JPPF node, server and client that you use, add KryoSerialzer.jar, along with all the jars in KryoSerializer/lib, to the classpath
  4. For each node, server and client, edit the JPPF configuration file and add the following property:
    # Use the Kryo serializer as JPPF serialization scheme
    jppf.object.serialization.class = org.jppf.serialization.kryo.KryoSerialization
  5. example configuration files are provided in KryoSerializer/config
  6. when this is done, the JPPF is ready to work with Kryo serialization

Sample's source files

I have additional questions and comments, where can I go?

There are 2 privileged places you can go to:

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