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Embedded Grid demo

What does the sample do?

This sample demonstrates how to start and use an embedded JPPF driver and node programmatically, in the same JVM as the client.

How do I run it?

From a command prompt, type the following:
  • On a Linux/Unix/MacOS system: ./
  • On a Windows system: run.bat

The demo produces an output put that looks like this, where messages from the demo itself are prefixed with `>>>`:

>>> starting the JPPF driver
driver process id: 4444, uuid: 2C901290-ADAA-4D96-8B73-224B8594DB2B
ClientClassServer initialized
NodeClassServer initialized
ClientJobServer initialized
NodeJobServer initialized
management initialized and listening on port 11111
Acceptor initialized
-  accepting plain connections on port 11111
JPPF Driver initialization complete
>>> starting the JPPF node
>>> starting the JPPF client
client process id: 4444, uuid: B6CDC36A-F4CA-4D1B-A693-396E926A3F93
node process id: 4444, uuid: 1624196C-E0CB-4FD0-8A90-78C9FE1BA6DC
[client: driver1-1 - ClassServer] Attempting connection to the class server at localhost:11111
[client: driver1-1 - ClassServer] Reconnected to the class server
[client: driver1-1 - TasksServer] Attempting connection to the task server at localhost:11111
[client: driver1-1 - TasksServer] Reconnected to the JPPF task server
>>> client connected, now submitting a job
Attempting connection to the class server at
RemoteClassLoaderConnection: Reconnected to the class server
JPPF Node management initialized on port 11111
Attempting connection to the node server at
Reconnected to the node server
Node successfully initialized
Hello! from the node
>>> execution result for job 'embedded grid': Hello!
>>> connecting to local driver JMX server
>>> nb nodes in server: 1
>>> connecting to local node JMX server
>>> node state: JPPFNodeState[threadPoolSize=8, threadPriority=5, nbTasksExecuted=1, executionStatus=IDLE, connectionStatus=CONNECTED, cpuTime=0, pendingAction=NONE]
>>> shutting down node
>>> nb nodes in server: 0
>>> shutting down driver
>>> done, exiting program

Demo source code

Documentation references

How can I build the sample?

To compile the source code, from a command prompt, type: "ant compile"
To generate the Javadoc, from a command prompt, type: "ant javadoc"

I have additional questions and comments, where can I go?

There are 2 privileged places you can go to:

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