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10/23/2019 JPPF 6.2-alpha-2 release notes


Download - Documentation - Javadoc - previous JPPF 6.2 alpha release

New features highlights

Job dependencies and job graphs

  • JPPF jobs can now be organized into dependency graphs, where a job can start only when its dependencies have completed
  • new convenient and intuitive APIs to define the dependency graphs
  • automatic detection and handling of circular dependencies (i.e. cycles)
  • by default, cancellation of a job is automatically cascaded to dependent jobs. This can be overriden for each job
  • built-in management MBean to monitor the state of the job dependency graph

DSL for job selectors

The job selector API was extended to include complex boolean expressions and comparison tests, in a way similar to execution policies

Use of java.time.* classes for JPPF schedules

java.time.* classes can now be used to build JPPFSchedule instances to specify jobs start or expiration schedules

Inspection of the client-side jobs queue

New methods were added to the client API to inspect the jobs queue

All implemented issues




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