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1/30/2019 JPPF 6.1-alpha-2 release notes


Download - Documentation - Javadoc - previous JPPF 6.1 alpha release

New features highlights

Asynchronous communication between node and server

  • nodes can now process any number of jobs concurrently
  • this addresses the issue where some threads of a node could be idle, even when work was available
  • overall performance gain due to I/O being performed in parallel with job processing
  • configurable limit on the number of jobs a node can process concurrently (unlimited by default)

Pluggable node throttling mechanism

  • the main purpose of this mechanism is to avoid resource (e.g. heap, cpu) exhaustion in the node, due to too many concurrent jobs. When a condition is reached, the node refuses new jobs. When the condition no longer applies, the node accepts jobs again.
  • it can also be used to limit the workload based on any condition, for instance based on time windows or the status of external services
  • A built-in implementation provides throttling based on heap usage

New job SLA attributes

Offline documentation (PDF)

  • the source documents (.odt) were regrouped into a single document, in order to fix the broken cross-document links in the produced PDF
  • the font and background for code snippets were changed to improve readability

All implemented issues




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