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8/4/2018 JPPF 6.0-beta release notes


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New features highlights

Heartbeat mechanism for connection failure detection

The existing mechanism was completely refactored into a NIO-based framework, with major advantages:

  • it now uses the same server port as for the job data, distributed class loader and JMX remote connector
  • the server-side NIO implementation allows greater scalability by multiplexing network connections
  • the heartbeat mechanism can now be applied to P2P connections between servers and to client connections
  • the configuration was greatly simplified: an additional TCP port is no longer needed on the server side, and the client-side configuration (for peer servers, nodes and clients) is obtained from the server during handshake
  • all server discovery plugins (from clients, nodes and other peer servers) have been updated to reflect these changes

Desktop administration console enhancement

The master/slave nodes relationships are now visible in the graph view of the topology

Various enhancements

All implemented issues




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