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6/10/2018 JPPF 6.0-alpha-4 release notes


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New features highlights

Pluggable monitoring data providers

  • this extension mechanism allows the management and monitoring API to provide user-defined data fields representing diagnostics data, health or general information on the JPPF node and driver JVM processes or the system on which they run
  • custom data fields are automatically added to the JVM health view of the desktop and web administration consoles
  • all numeric data fields are automatically made available to the user-defined charts of the desktop console
  • monitoring data providers have full localization support
  • the default data fields in the JVM health view are supplied by a built-in monitoring data provider

New JVM / Process / System Health built-in data fields

Thanks to the integration of Oshi, new fields have been added that are not natively available to the JVM:

  • CPU temperature
  • OS name and version
  • Process Resident Set Size (RSS), how much memory is allocated to the process, excluding swap
  • Process Virtual Memory Size (VSZ), shows all the memory the process can access, including swap
  • Swap usage amount and percentage

Nio-based JMX remote connector

  • full-fledged, fast and scalable, NIO-based implementation of the JMX remote specification
  • available as a standalone JMX remote connector
  • also fully integrated with JPPF, removing the need for JPPF servers to configure a separate JMX port
  • now integrated as the default JMX remote connector in JPPF grids

Various enhancements

All implemented issues




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