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8/15/2017 JPPF 6.0-alpha-2 release notes


Download - Documentation - Javadoc - previous JPPF 6.0 alpha release

New features highlights

Database Services

This new faciltiy allows to create and configure JDBC data sources and use them in any JPPF component.
In particular, it is possible to:
  • define JDBC data sources in the JPPF configuration and access them from the tasks or client code
  • define data sources in a JPPF driver and propagate them to all or a selection of the attached nodes
  • dynamically create and manage data sources with a dedicated API

Jobs Persistence

JPPF drivers can now persist the jobs they receive, along with their results, in a permanent store.
This adds major new capabilities to the drivers, in particular:

Jobs persistence is a pluggable facility, for which JPPF provides four built-in implementations:

Users can also implement their own persistence service, according to their specific needs.

Misc improvements

  • Tne JPPF client code handling the connections state was simplified, resulting in improved robustness and performance
  • JPPF tasks can now access the node they execute on
  • Significant performance improvements, based on numerous profiling sessions and stress tests

All implemented issues



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