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4/10/2017 JPPF 6.0-alpha release notes


Download - Documentation - Javadoc

New features highlights

Web administration console:

  • the web console provides management and monitoring of JPPF grids from a web application
  • container-managed authentication allows any authentication policy supported by the web/application server
  • authorizations with three application-defined roles: adminsitrator (JPPF client configuration and management), manager (grid management) and monitor (monitoring and read-only operations)
  • connections to the servers and client configuration can be performed in-place without restarting the web server
  • functionally equivalent to the rich client console, except for the charts that are still missing
  • tested on leading web and application servers: Glassfish, JBoss, Wildfly, Tomcat, Jetty, Websphere Liberty, Weblogic
  • fully localized (English and French translations available at this time)

API enhancements:

  • all APIs deprecated in 5.x were removed
  • wherever applicable, setter and modifier methods were refactored to enable method call chaining, allowing a more fluent code style

Desktop administration console enhancements

  • load-balancing settings tab was moved to a popup dialog in the topology views
  • added a "select all nodes" button in the toplogy views and a "select all jobs" buttons in the jobs view

All implemented issues




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