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JPPF Press Kit

Press release: JPPF 5.2

Administration console:

  • node filtering with an execution policy editor with import/export capabilities
  • ability to select the visible statistics in the server statiscs view
  • syntax hihghlighting in all the editors: properties/node filtering
  • the admin console splash screen is now customizable via the configuration
  • the administration console is now fully localized, with full English and French translations available


  • all documented properties are now defined as constants
  • a new and elegant API was created to handle them easily
  • it is now possible to specify in the configuration which JVM to use for the nodes and servers. This also applies to master and slave nodes when they are (re)started


Android node:

Job SLA:

  • The job SLA can now specifiy filtering rules based on the server properties and the number of nodes satisfying one or more conditions
    Example: "execute when the server has at least 2 GB of heap memory and at least 3 nodes with more than 4 cores each"
  • The job SLA can specify the desired configuration of the nodes on which it will execute and force the nodes to reconfigure themselves accordingly
  • execution policies based on server properties now have access to the server statistics

Management and Monitoring

Two new types of node selectors are now available: scripted node selector and custom node selector


A new load-balancing algorithm, named "rl2", was implemented


Added a complete section on load balancing



The JPPF jar files now include the version number in their name, e.g. jppf-common-5.2.jar

Continuous Integration

  • A large amount of time and effort was invested in setting up a continuous integration environment based on Jenkins
  • Automated builds are now in place with results automatically published to the JPPF web site
  • Automated tests coverage was largely improved



JPPF is released under the terms of the Apachache v2.0 license. This OSI-approved open source license is friendly to individuals, businesses, governments and academia, for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It does not restrict the use of JPPF with commercial and proprietary applications.


All files can be found from our downloads page.


The JPPF documentation can be found online. You may also read it offline as a PDF document.


For any press inquiry, please refer to our contacts page.

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