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JPPF Press Kit

Press release: JPPF 6.2

Tasks dependencies

  • tasks within the same job can now depend on each other
  • JPPF guarantees that all dependencies of a task are executed before it can start
  • traversal of the tasks graph can be performed on either server or client side
  • built-in detection and handling of dependency cycles

JPPF in Docker containers and Kubernetes

Performance improvement in the client

A new client-side cache of class definitions was implemented, to improve the overall dynamic class loading performance.

Job dependencies and job graphs

  • JPPF jobs can now be organized into dependency graphs, where a job can start only when its dependencies have completed
  • new convenient and intuitive APIs to define the dependency graphs
  • automatic detection and handling of circular dependencies (i.e. cycles)
  • by default, cancellation of a job is automatically cascaded to dependent jobs. This can be overriden for each job
  • built-in management MBean to monitor the state of the job dependency graph

DSL for job selectors

The job selector API was extended to include complex boolean expressions and comparison tests, similarly to execution policies

Use of java.time.* classes for JPPF schedules

java.time.* classes can now be used to build JPPFSchedule instances to specify jobs start or expiration schedules

Inspection of the client-side jobs queue

New methods were added to the client API to inspect the jobs queue

Major refactoring of the management and monitoring MBeans

Administration and monitoring console improvements

  • numerous performance hotspots were identified and fixed, both in the monitoring API and in the UI rendering code
  • for license compatibility reasons, the JFreeChart charting library was replaced with XCharts, resulting in further performance improvements

Performance improvements in the driver and JMX remote connector

Several performance sinks were identified and fixed, in high stress scenarios where a very large number of job lifecyclle notifications were generated, causing high spikes in CPU and memory usage.



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