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JPPF .Net  6.0
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org.jppf.dotnet.BaseDotnetNotificationListener Class Referenceabstract

Base .Net class for JMX notification listeners More...

Public Member Functions

 BaseDotnetNotificationListener ()
abstract void HandleNotification (Notification notification, object handback)
 Handle a notification More...

Detailed Description

Base .Net class for JMX notification listeners

Definition at line 24 of file BaseDotnetNotificationListener.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.jppf.dotnet.BaseDotnetNotificationListener.BaseDotnetNotificationListener ( )

Definition at line 26 of file BaseDotnetNotificationListener.cs.

Member Function Documentation

abstract void org.jppf.dotnet.BaseDotnetNotificationListener.HandleNotification ( Notification  notification,
object  handback 
pure virtual

Handle a notification

notificationthe notification object received from the Java side
handbackan arbitrary object provided when the listerner was registered

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