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JPPF-503 - JPPF Serialization: ConcurrentModificationException when serializing a java.util.Vector  lolo4j
RESOLVED Core Normal Normal JPPF 5.2.7 Jun 11, 2017
JPPF-504 - Local node never completes connection to server  lolo4j
RESOLVED Server Normal Normal JPPF 5.2.8 Jun 15, 2017
JPPF-505 - Ability to disable the bias towards local node in the driver  lolo4j
RESOLVED Server - Normal JPPF 5.2.8 Jun 20, 2017
JPPF-506 - Client side load-balancer does not use the configuration passed to the JPPFClient constructor  lolo4j
RESOLVED Client Normal Normal JPPF 5.2.8 Yesterday (06:45)
JPPF-507 - New persisted jobs view in the web and desktop admin consoles -
- Management / Monitoring - Normal JPPF 6.0 Yesterday (07:00)
JPPF-508 - Peer to peer connection pooling -
- Server - Normal JPPF 6.0 Yesterday (08:17)
JPPF-509 - Regression: topology monitoring API does not detect peer to peer connections anymore  lolo4j
RESOLVED Management / Monitoring Normal Normal JPPF 5.2.8 Yesterday (10:45)
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