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icon_attached_information.png JPPF-498 - Client reconnect to driver failure  lolo4j
RESOLVED J2EE Critical Critical JPPF 5.2.7 Apr 07, 2017
JPPF-497 - 6.0 JMXDriverConnectionWrapper.restartShutdown(5000L, 0L) restarts the Driver  lolo4j
Not a bug
NOT AN ISSUE Server Normal Normal JPPF 6.0 Apr 07, 2017
JPPF-499 - Simplify client internal code  lolo4j
RESOLVED Client - High JPPF 6.0 Apr 18, 2017
JPPF-500 - Node Persistent Data Casting error  lolo4j
- Node Normal High JPPF 5.2.7 Today (09:28)
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