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OPEN  Feature request JPPF-9  -  Change the JPPF configuration based on observable behavior
Posted Aug 08, 2012 - updated Aug 13, 2012
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Issue description

From this forum thread "Is there a way to have the load balancing mechanism automatically remove a task from an unresponsive node and give it to another?"

This is about giving the ability to adapt the configuration and topology of a JPPF network, based on the observable behavior of the servers and nodes, by providing the following: - notifications of events occurring on the server or node side: execution performance events, lifecycle events, JVM events, user-defined events such as user-defined threshold crossing, etc... - capability to take action based on these events: start / stop nodes, start/stop servers, send alerts, execute some script/application, etc...

This requires the definition of a notification mechanism that is consistent accross JPPF components as well as accross the type of events to be observed, and adding new management capabilities in order to take appropriate actions.