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OPEN  Feature request JPPF-548  -  Drop support for JDK 7 and switch to JDK 8 or later
Posted Oct 07, 2018 - updated Oct 10, 2018
lolo4j (lolocohen) has been working on this issue since October 07, 2018 (07:35)
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    icon_milestones.png JPPF 6.1
Issue description
JPPF 6.1 will stop supporting Java 7, whose end-of-life happened a long time ago. The first step will be to make the compilation, build and tests pass without errors or warnings. Usage of Java 8 new features and APIs will be either progressive, while writing new code or updating existing code, or systematic in some cases if we determine that the benefits are worth it.

The first difficulty will be to refactor or rewrite the custom doclet code we use for the @exclude tag used in the javadoc.

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Oct 10, 07:08
After switching the build and code to Java 8, I have observed an up to 20% decrease in performance in the benchmarks I've tried so far. This is disappointing. I will run profiling sessions as part of implementing this feature, in the hope I will find new hotspots and contention points that emerged with Java 8.