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OPEN  Task JPPF-438  -  Normalize the package names in common and node modules
Posted Feb 13, 2016 - updated May 02, 2018
lolo4j (lolocohen) has been working on this issue since May 02, 2018 (08:11)
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Issue description
The common module has a number of inconsistently named packages with the following prefixes:
  • org.jppf.client: used for 'client' module code
  • org.jppf.server: used for 'server' module code
  • org.jppf.node: used for 'node' module code
Similarly, the node module has one package named org.jppf.server.node

These package names are inconsistent (and have been for a very long time). I propose to rename them to make things much less confusing. This refactoring will have a large impact on existing code using the JPPF APIs, which is why it can only be done for a major release (e.g. v6.0) and must be thouroughly documented.